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Membership Profile
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Thought Leadership

We ensure continuous support for the development of businesses by creating and disseminating cross-industry best practices and critical knowledge, and help members understand and keep abreast of changing economic conditions, the regulatory and taxation environment, and rapid technological change. Operating through 15 Expert Committees representing all industry and infrastructure sectors, we regularly organize workshops, seminars, and site visits that are well-attended and well-received. Members get special concessions on delegate fees where applicable. Be sure to register early!

Industry Voice-Business Support and Advocacy

We provide strong interface with the Union and State Governments in the formulation of industrial policy, sector specific schemes and policies, the development of critical infrastructure in the city and the state including land and energy, and do our best to ensure an industry-friendly regulatory and taxation framework. We also provide necessary policy and institutional support to the Government in developing these policies, with industry expertise, cutting edge research and incisive analysis. We regularly send out representations on both urgent and long standing issues. With a powerful voice in the Government, and a credibility built over several decades, we make sure Industry's representations are heard by the Government.

Foreign Collaboration

BCIC has developed excellent and extensive contacts with Foreign Embassies and Trade Offices in Bangalore and counterpart associations in other countries. We facilitate regular interaction with these offices, to enable members to explore opportunities in other countries and ensure smooth and trouble free operations overseas. We also assist in Import/Export Documentation, Visa Letters, Certificates of Origin and the like. We regularly host visiting trade delegations from abroad and facilitate similar trips abroad.

Networking, Outreach and Visibility

The spotlight is on you! Our Chamber delivers the best networking in Bangalore. Featuring leaders and professionals from Large, Medium and Small Industries, besides Institutions, Utilities, and Government departments and political leaders, Chamber events are an occasion where top professionals and leaders meet, engage in business discussions, celebrate and innovate. Our membership team helps build 'One-on-one' connections and assist specific companies or individuals to meet others working across a broad spectrum of Industries.

Information and Resources

The Chamber provides information, analysis and resources for partners to stay informed and engaged on the key issues and activities impacting Bangalore businesses.

Don't miss out!

Apart from regular circulars on important industry related developments and government policy pronouncements, we have the following publications:

  • BCIC Information Digest (monthly)
  • Synergy - Activity Report (bi-monthly)
  • Overseas Business Opportunities (E-newsletter, bi-monthly)
How to Become a Member?
Patron Member:
  • Will be required to pay an one time subscription fee of Rs.5 Lakhs which may be paid in not more than two equal installments within a period of two years from the time of admission and whose admission may be approved/decided upon by the Management Committee.
  • The Management Committee shall be entitled to fix and revise by absolute majority from time to time the maximum number of Patron Members.
  • Each Patron Member shall be entitled to nominate one nominee to the Management Committee, such nominee being a Senior Person such as Director, CEO or one holding similar office.
Members Category I:
  • Will include those engaged in Industrial, Manufacturing and/or Commercial activities and Services, and whose registered offices are located in Karnataka; and
  • Those whose registered offices are located outside Karnataka but whose Administrative or Head Offices or Corporate or Controlling Offices or CEOs are based in Karnataka and also those who have major manufacturing facilities or Commercial / Service activities within Karnataka.
Members Category II:
  • Will include those engaged in industrial, manufacturing and/or commercial activities and Services and whose registered offices are located outside Karnataka.
Associate Members:
  • Companies, Firms, Service or other Organizations who in the discretion of the Management Committee could be admitted as Members but could not be brought under other Classes / Categories of Membership.
Affiliate Members:
  • Any Registered Association, Chamber, Guild, Organization, Body Corporate or Trade Body formed with objectives similar or complementary to those of the Chamber.
Clause 6 : The Annual Subscription of Members shall be as set out in the Schedule Next:


Membership Classification
Rates of Subscription and Number of Votes
Classification of Membership
(as defined in Clause 3)
Subscription Payable
a) Patron Member Rs 5 Lakhs
b) Member Category I Shall be related to the Member's annual turnover as given below:
For Annual Turnover Annual Subscription Payable
Start-Ups, less than 1 crores turnover Rs. 3500
Up to Rs. 5 crores Rs. 9500
Above Rs. 5 crores up to Rs. 10 crores Rs. 13,000
Above 10 crores up to Rs. 20 crores Rs. 19,000
Above 20 Crores up to Rs. 40 crores Rs. 26,000
Above 40 crores up to Rs. 250 crores Rs. 32,500
Above 250 crores Rs. 35,000
Member Category II Rs. 13,000
Associate Member Rs. 9500
Affiliate Member Rs. 9500
  • Any company with Incorporation Certificate or LLP or Partnership Firm duly incorporated in Karnataka less than two financial years with annual turnover of less than 1 Crore are eligible to join as a Start-up Member.
  • After the first 3 years as Start-up members or whose turnover is exceeding 1 Crore, whichever is earlier, their membership to be compulsorily converted into a regular membership status by paying the yearly subscription.
  • Start-up members will be admitted on paying a joining fee of Rs. 3000/-, with no subscription fee for the first year.
  • Second year they will have to pay annual subscription of Rs. 3000/-
  • After 3 years, Start-Ups are eligible to apply for regular members status by paying the yearly subscription.

The ENTRANCE FEE for all Category of Membership is Rs. 5,000 which is payable at the point of entry

Joining Fee
  • The ENTRANCE FEE for all Category of Membership is Rs. 5,000 which is payable at the point of entry.
  • All Statutory levies will be extra. (GST as prevailing on the date of admission to membership will apply, which currently is @ 18%).
  • All Members in Category I shall report their turnover as per their latest audited accounts.
  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, where a Member otherwise falling in Category I does not desire to disclose his / its turnover, the annual subscription payable shall be Rs. 35,000.
  • Those who would have been admitted otherwise to Member Category II or as Associate Member or as Affiliate Member will have a right to request the Management Committee to admit them in Member Category I. The Management Committee has the absolute discretion to accept or reject such request without assigning any reasons. If such request is accepted and such Member is admitted to Member Category I, then such person shall pay subscription as applicable to Member Category I.
  • Revision of Membership Subscription from time to time shall be authorized by the Members on the recommendations of the Management Committee.

* Applicant should be introduced by a Senior Manager of a BCIC Member Company

Membership Helpline
Mr. Shama Prasad Pattaje,

Secretary, BCIC

Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce

080 25583325 / 26 /27 / 080 25582232


Contact Membership Desk
Ms. Roopa Mohan

Secretary, BCIC

080-2558-3325 / 26 /27 / 080-2558-2232

Mr. Shama Prasad Pattaje

Secretary, BCIC

080-2558-3325 / 26 /27 / 080-2558-2232